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Only here you can buy the inspiring Art.Lebedev brand products. If you represent a store, a coffee shop or a company we encourage you to contact Marcin Żywiałkowski: 

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You can find Art. Lebedev products in these stores:



Laikus ice tray is dedicated for all Facebook users. It freezes up to 12 ice cubes in the shape of famous "Like".

Fuck the rain

No rain welcomed!


"Ctrl+O"  is the favourite shortcut of PC users. Now it also opens the bottles! Perfect gift for a programmer.


Thermokruzkhus cup changes its color according to the tempreture. You can say what is the temperature of the content by the color of the battery or a small light. Careful, it's hot!

Optimus Popularis

We introduce Optimus Popularis to the Polish market. For now it is the only available keyboard with the possibility of full personalisation of its layout. It's a thousand keyboards in one! It's a perfet tool for graphic designers, film editors, photographers, musicians and all other people for whom reliability and personalisation is extremly important.

Technical data:

Length: 293 mm
Width: 186 mm
Height: 19 mm
Display: LCD


Screen Area: 12,5x12,5 mm
Resolution: 72x72px
Reloading: 10fps
Number of colors: 262 144

Material: aluminum, plastic

The keyboard is available on request.


Plug in however you like to the unique Roztkus power strip!


The first clock informing about the time in a human-like way. It is programmed for 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian (you can add more - thanks to the USB). Each time is described in a different way.


Piggybank Copilcus. oink-oink.


Raindrops ice tray. Makes the ice cubes in the shape of drops.


Ice tray in the shape of calculator. Makes your own ice equation.


Ice tray 0 and 1. Perfect gift for an informatition.


Gearbox ice tray makes icecubes in the shape of... gearbox!


Military ice tray. Makes ice cubes in the shape of stars. You can experiment e.g. with red or yellow juice.


Superbitus is a real design bomb. Write your goal on the moneybox and save for it.

Atmark 2.0

Atmark 2.0 is a cup that never slips out from your hand. It's white inside so you can check out how strong is your tea. Available in 7 colors.


Kruzhkus cup has the most comfortable hand in the world. One finger is all you need to grab this cup. The rest of the fingers is protected from hot. It doesn't slip out from the hand.


Steel supports for books. They don't bend, and thanks to the silicone pads they aren't slippy. They work prefectly as a couple (on the desk) or singles (on the bookshelf).


Beautiful and comfortable line with the index finger. Measures and points.


Plastinkuzz is a scatching pad. When you move your finger on its surface it sounds like a real disc. Wide range of colors available.

Space Invaders

Pixel cards evoking memories of the games in the eighties. The deck covers 54 cards.


Digitus Door numbers.

Puzzles Pazzlus

Pazzlus is a puzzle that puzzles every fan of traditional puzzles.


Set of six pillows for all children - regardless of their age. Diameter 13.5 cm


A set of refrigerator magnets in the shape of Tetris blocks.


Polus is a set of winter style magnets.


Plastic clips that will get your neighbors know that you're ready for Halloween. It's a great decoration item for a party or a fine gift for your guests.


Microfibrus Dactilus cloth. Ideal to take care of your computer screen or glasses.