Infographics design principles: 1. presenting your idea

Good infographic does not present data, it states the thesis. It shows the idea, not the figures. How to do it? We'll share some of our experience.

The idea of the following infographics is to show differences between cities concerning the Facebook fans number and the number of iPhone application number in App Store.

At first designer presented the cities with the number of their Facebook fans.

What is the problem? We have killed the message which we wanted to convey. This way of presenting data has made it impossible to present numbers concerning App Store. What is more, presented cities were illegible and less important than Facebook.

How did we solve the problem? In order to make it more transparent, we have to combine the data and go back to the good old maps. The icons became reference points to the numbers. One Facebook icon stands for 10 000 fans, and one red dot in the phone corresponds to one application. Chapeau bas to the designer.

You can see the whole infographics here:

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