Infographics design principles: 2. keeping recipient's attention

Keeping recipient's attention is the second main priority for infographic designer. Nothing is so boring as usual visualisation of numbers. Even illustrated data remains just data and still isn't interesting. The authors of the movie about Pinterest had the opportunity to see it for themselves.


In this case there is one more mistake - inaccurate visualisation of numbers. Note the fact that for the author of infographics number 6 is visually larger than the number 8. But it is not the subject of this case.

If we are working with video infographics, to keep the attention we use animation. But what should we do in the case of static image?

You have to guide the viewer through infographic using a common denominator for the presented numbers. If you want to show the number of suicides on the bridge, the denominator should be the bridge.

In case the story is about jeans business, the main motive is denim.


Therefore the message we want to convey is more important than data.

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