Why do communities collapse?

In order to find an answer to the question about building brand community, we suggest reversing the question and finding out how and why communities collapse? Probably you have heard a phrase: "building brand community". I have heard it thousands times. Everyone seems to know everything about it, yet nobody could answer the question whether a community builds around a brand or actually it is the brand that is created for the existing community.

We propose to put answers to all these questions in this post and actualize it, when new materials come out. There are most curios presentations not as much about social media, but about sociology and social psychology basics.

Question nr 1. Is community built around the brand?

Answer: No. It is enough to make to remember marketing basics. Product and brand satisfies the needs of the group. That is why the brand is for the group, and not the other way round.

Question nr 2. How is a social movement created?

Answer for this question gives Derek Sivers in his witty presentation explaining mechanisms of the real leadership.

Question nr 3. How to make media hype in social media? 

Answer gives Alexis Ohanian, the author of Reddit.com, talking about what kind of media hype caused a whale named Mister Splashy Pants.



Question nr 4. How our acquaintances influence our lives?

Nicholas Christakis from Yale University talks about how different characteristics - from happiness to overweight – can be passed around from people to people. From our point of view Nicholas explains community mechanisms in the way which allows to have a fresh look on targeting, reaching a specific target group with information about the brand and the product.