You can't control photography

There is a lot going on around the campaign 'Photography Allowed'. First of all, we published a mobile application for iOS and we have raised the awareness of people about their right to take photographs.

At first, a few words about the application. It is a guide saying in what places and under what conditions people are allowed to take photographs. Can you photograph in museums? Is it allowed at airports? Can a security guard or a shop owner forbid you to take photographs? You will find the answers to these questions in the application, in which together with LSW law firm we've presented 32 most popular cases. 

In a short time our app got into TOP10 free applications in Polish App Store. Though it was probably because of who published an article about the application, we still hope that photography is not indifferent to our users. We are more and more convinced to the latest as we observe the number of downloads.

Another interesting part of the initiative concerns places, which stick a 'Photography Allowed' sign. Below you see the long list of coffee shops, museums, galleries and other places divided according to the cities.

Warsaw: Cafe Pozytywka, cafe “To lubię”, cafe “Mam Ochotę”, Cafe Poranna, cafe Spotkanie ze Szpiegiem, cafe Dobra Karma, Cafe Roszkosz, Teatr Polski/Klub Teatr, Instytut Reportażu, Klubokawiarnia 4 Pokoje, Klubokawiarnia Resort, Antrakt Cafe, kawiarnia Lorelei, Ministerstwo Kawy, klubokawiarnia Leniviec, Pracownia Duży Pokój, Numery Litery, CAFE PAŃSKA, Wayne’s Coffee (Grzybowska), THE STORY Sp. z o.o., Brand Nature Access Sp. z o.o., Macoscope sp. z o.o., cafe Kafka, cafe Grawitacja, Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie.

Gliwice: i-systems Sp. z o.o., Minibrowar Majer, Galeria Art Studio, firma Spot, winery Chateau Pierre, Słoneczne Studio Fotograficzne, Gliwickie Centrum Fotografii, Kafo Kawiarnia.

Łódź: Muzeum Kinematografii w Łodzi, Muzeum Bajki, Studio Polkadot.

Poznań: Post- Office Cafe, kawiarnia “Piece of cake”, MotoGuard Group.

Cracow: Galeria Pauza, Mostowa ArtCafe.

Radom: Czytelnia Kawy

Gdańsk: LOFT

Szczecin: Cafe Aficianado & Casa Turrent

We remind our participants that we are waiting for the pictures from your places, so that we could add you to our map on website, Facebook and application.