Our story / in a nutshell

THE STORY of our brand begins in 2009. Today our team includes 15 amazing people and 12 equally amazing contributors. We've become an international company. You can find our offices in Warsaw, Saint Petersburg and Tallinn.


We mainly deal with Brand Implementation (when a client prepares a new strategy and identification and looks for someone to make it happen). We like to call it Design Management.

We do it both online and offline, but what many people don’t know is that we lead the market in Digital Branding.

It doesn't change the fact that both small and medium enterprises ask for our help when they need to make some changes: improve their communication strategy, visual identity, naming, enter new sector or even a whole new market.

Our Clients appreciate our efforts in Information Design. We prepare business presentations for managers and entrepreneurs in various forms, from Power Point to animated videos. We analyze data and present it in an easily accessible way, for example through interactive infographics. We call it Information Design.

All of this would've been impossible without our IT Department, which develops information systems, corporate websites and mobile apps, but also provides IT consulting services.

The Story began in


Key people

Dymitr Romanowski
Jarosław Szatkiewicz
Sławek Barcz

Basic information

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Working with us
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Engex: design management

Moscow engineering company Engex knows that brand building is a long process. For that reason, they trusted us their brand management and communication in Russia.


Dymitr Romanowski became a member of WCF Davos Committee

Dymitr Romanowski from The Story has joined the Committee of World Communication Forum in Davos. The Committee consists of 24 members, among whom are Paul Holmes (The Holmes Report and SABRE Awards), Daniel Hӧltgen (Council of Europe) and James Gillies (CERN). See the full list of members.


World Communication Forum in Davos

Two weeks after World Economic Forum, the same city in Switzerland hosted another important event - World Communication Forum in Davos. In 2013 for the first time we became its partner.


Opening of THE STORY Saint-Petersburg

Our office in Russia is open. The company was registered in Saint-Petersburg as Studio Story Design.There are two people in the office responsible for the administrative and financial support of Russian customers.