Fussy Eater Story: a book for iPad

Task: publishing an interactive book for the iPad.

Mobile app (iPad)

'Fussy Eater Story' is a collection of short stories that aim to help children learn how to prepare food, from the simplest ones to something more demanding. It also teaches about various ingredients and where vitamins come from. In the app we brought the illustrations to life and turned each scene into a fun interactive experience.

The project is carried out in cooperation with Albus publishing house, which published the paper version of the book. The illustrations by Emilia Dziubak rank high in many contests. During CJ Picture Book Award in Seul, the book 'Fun with the fussy eater' was chosen as one of 100 most beautiful books in the world.

The animated cartoon.

App Store (iOS)

Price 1,79 €


Date of publication

7 November 2013


Emilia Dziubak

Analysis and storyboard:
Dymitr Romanowski

Emilia Dziubak, ilustracje
Sławek Barcz, UI/UX

iOS Developing:
Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Project Manager:
Marcin Żywiałkowski

Publishing house:
Iwona Wierzba, Albus

The animated cartoon.