LSW law firm

Challenge: Creating website for a law firm specializing in intellectual property.

Corporate website

LSW is the leading Polish law firm specializing in intellectual property. In their website, LSW lawyers share the most interesting cases from their experience. For instance, they tell about their work for production of 'In Darkness' film by Agnieszka Holland, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2012. They also reveal how they represented Polish editors on their possible settlement with the Google Books project, or worked for game producers.

LSW firm is created by people who work there, so we decided to show their work by presententing the lawyers.


While presenting lawyer's profile in one specialization, we also show other fields, which LSW is famous for.


LSW consists of 41 lawyers. The firm is so big that it needs a browser. You can search lawyers according to the specialization, branch or name.


2 months


Project Leader, mockups
Dymitr Romanowski

Łukasz Ratajczyk

Jarosław Szatkiewicz
Dmitrij Żatuchin, front-end


Website presentation

The website was launched during the exhibtion in Leto Galery "Group and Groups". The exhibition included portrait photos of LSW lawyers, which were confronted with the portraits of people of various backgrounds 1988-2013 (artists, students, nurses, filmmakers, teachers). The portraits of lawyers were used on the new website.