Municipal budgets

Task: Presenting how much a city costs. Showing how the city budget money is spent.

Data Analysis

We have created a project that visualizes in an accessible way real data from current budget resolutions of cities and municipalities. Information found in formal documents is complex and difficult to understand. That is why we decided to analyse these documents and present them in a transparent form, which would allow every citizen to understand the financing of cities they live and work in.

While preparing the analysis we focused on the income tax of individuals and estimated what part of the tax goes to various municipal budget categories.

Algorithm: calculation and audit

We have done the calculations using tax scale from the day of the budget presentation, including tax deductible expenses, social security and health insurance expenses. The algorithm also takes into account legal issues according to the regulations of funding municipalities by the State Treasury. PwC Poland agreed to join the project to audit the algorithm, which calculates the amount of tax transferred from an individual to the municipal budget.


Date of release



Concept, name
Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz

Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Marcin Żywiałkowski


PwC Polska
Best Place Marketing Miejsc 


TVP Regionalna
Głos Wielkopolski


Internet platform

We presented the data and calculations on using interactive infographics. The website allows every citizen to check how much of their tax goes to the municipal budget. This number is then distributed between expenditure categories. This way, citizens get to know the structure of their city budget and realize how their financial contribution serves the local community.

We've designed separate icons for each expenditure category, e.g. transport, health, education, and culture. Each category contains more detailed information about the investments and their costs over a year.


Icons for budget categories

Each icon represents a group of municipal budget expenses.