NGOs budgets/ GOCC

Task: Presenting the programs carried out by GOCC, the biggest Polish charity organisation. Showing how it manages the raised funds.

Data Analysis

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity (PL: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP) is one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Poland. We've analysed and presented the funds they collected during the 21st Grand Finale using the tools we had developed for our project about city budgets

Taking into account the organization's branding we prepared an interactive tool that clearly shows the structure of its expenses including the costs of geriatric and neonatal wards, hospitals, medical programs as well as the organisation of the Great Finale.

Jerzy Owsiak, the founder of GOCC, talks about the project on his video blog.

Date of release

16th July 2014


Concept, name
Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz

Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Marcin Żywiałkowski

Kręcioła TV
Polskie Radio 3


Design and the tool


Design of purchase