Engex 2014: New Year wishes with Augmented Reality

Task: Sending unforgettable New Year wishes to the company's clients.

Mobile app (iPad)

Our goal was to create unforgettable New Year wishes for Engex's Russian clients.

Engex is an international engineering company working for architectural firms and developers. The company creates something we cannot see with the naked eye. If we compare a building to a human body, the architects are responsible for the appearance and the exterior, while engineers deal with all the internal organs and systems (nervous, circulatory, and all the rest).

So how do you show something that cannot be seen? We decided to use Augmented Reality. We turned a traditional greeting card into a marker for the iPad mobile application which displayed a building model in 3D, described it and listed all the 2013 resolutions that Engex had achieved. Finally, the user could turn the 3D building model into a 3D bottle and a glass of champagne.

All those elements connected to create a direct marketing campaign = traditional card + electronic card + mobile app.

The effectiveness of traditional cards is measured by the number of application downloads through the QR-code, which is located on the card. The global success of the campaign is evaluated in terms of the number of application downloads in the App Store and generated leads.

App Store (iOS)

Free download


Date of release 

15th December 2013


Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz, UI/UX

iOS Developing:
Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Project manager:
Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Dymitr Romanowski

Dymitr Romanowski
Wiktor Roch Dobraczyński
Oliwia Livadaki



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