KCR: Date Forecaster v 1.0

Task: reaching customers through different channels

Mobile app (iOS)

After careful analysis of the problem we suggested using the channel which directly reaches people interested in KCR's field. We used the App Store. We looked for functionalities which were not widely represented in the "Medical" category of the store. Together with our Client we looked for tools used in their field of specialisation - clinical trials. One of them turned out to be a cardboard circle, which allows participants to determine the date of their next visit.

We decided to replace the cardboard circle with a mobile application which not only forecasts but also saves the date and reminds the users about their appointments.

To use the application the user needs only to provide the number of days, weeks and months. The tool takes into account holidays and weekends. The users can choose from over 38 holiday calendars for different countries.

App Store (iOS)

Free download



3 weeks


Concept, mockups:
Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz

iOS developing:
Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Project Manager:
Marcin Żywiałkowski