Limited Edition: online art gallery

Challenge: Designing online art gallery.

Gallery selling art online

The brand's roots go back to the French printing tradition. The idea of Limited Edition is to make art available for great number of recipients. The founders made an assumption that galleries on the market, are too 'unavailable' for the customers. We were challenged to create an 'available' and credible brand - Limited Edition.

We have designed a logo, which not only resembles but also acts like a stamp.





The logo is a stamp for the business cards and packages.  

To underline the authenticity and value of the works, we suggested to add the certificate of authenticity.


The online gallery was launched on the Magento system.




5 months


Analysis and concept:
Dymitr Romanowski

Sławek Barcz, branding
Dawid Skinder, e-commerce

Jarosław Szatkiewicz
Dmitrij Żatuchin, Dook
Michał Oleniec, Dook

Project Manager:
Marcin Żywiałkowski