PwC: simulation of a renewable energy auction

Task: creating a platform to teach businesses how to sell surplus energy.

E-learning through experience

The new law passed in Poland on 20th February 2015 regarding renewable energy has created a new reality for investments in that sector. Up until that point new installations received additional income regardless of their quality. Currently, investments need to compete with each other with quality to win any renewable energy auction and receive the return required by the investors. The rise in renewable energy sources changes the landscape of the energy sector both for companies who sell energy, as well as their customers.

The most frequently asked question on the energy market is: what will the price be on an auction? Since it is dependent on the behaviour of the bidders all we can do right now is create scenarios and make assumptions.

PwC together with The Polish Renewable Energy Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Energetyki Odnawialnej) and the Legal Office of Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka (Kancelaria Prawna Domański Zakrzewski Palinka) decided to leave behind scenarios in favour of studying what might happen, using a simulated renewable energy auction. This is a unique undertaking – a year before the Energy Regulatory Office conducted an actual auction, the simulation allowed investors to test their strategies and to verify their hypotheses regarding prices at renewable energy auctions.

We were contracted to create a bilingual internet platform, which will allow the organisers to simulate a renewable energy auction, and the participants to find out how to take part in it.

The results of the first Polish trial auction will be discussed at a webinar organised by PwC, PSEW and the legal offices of Domański Zakrzewski Palinka.

Our works

Web application


Preparation of the model of the application together with PwC.


Designing each stage of the auction and user interface elements. 

Implementation of mail alerts and preparation of the control panel for communication with the users.


Tests and implementation of the English version. 

Integration with the Payline online payment system and the Fakturownia electronic invoice service. Launch of the auction landing page.





4 weeks


Management, UI/UX:
Dymitr Romanowski

Łukasz Ratajczyk

Leader of R&D
Jarosław Szatkiewicz

Ilona Samusa

Project assistant:
Ilona Samusa


/ php
/ zend framework 2
/ doctrine 2
/ mysql
/ backbone.js


/ amazon ec2
/ amazon rds
/ amazon ses
/ amazon cloudfront


/ Basecamp (for client)
/ Jira (for developers)
/ Scrum (Agile)

Team PwC

Jan Biernacki, concept
Michał Szymański
Maciej Chyż
Maciej Olbrycht